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Streamline your operations with Straight Through Processing by automating workflows, reducing manual tasks, and incorporating "human in the loop" capabilities for outlier cases. This will enable you to handle end-to-end processing from submission to underwriting, rating, and quoting with configurable rule engine. It lowers costs, speeds up decision-making, and ensures seamless data flow. agenci/iQ accepts files via Portal Data Entry, Email, API, FTP, and more, while real-time validations help mitigate errors efficiently. The intuitive agent portal simplifies submissions, reducing friction for applicants and leading to higher throughput.

Faster Time-to-Market

Deploy the agent portal quickly by easily customizing the low-code platform based on your business processes, workflows, and branding needs. Business analysts can design the forms required for new lines of businesses and states without depending on your developers. You can create dynamic forms tailored to your data collection needs using our easy Screen design accelerator and make them accessible on the portal. Also, you can customize rule engines based on your underwriting guidelines and build custom features by integrating with various third-party applications. All in all, maintain brand identity through white-labeling and swiftly add new lines of business and states using pre-built modules.

Digital Integrations

Integrate with various third-party systems seamlessly using our open architecture platform, offering a wide range of capabilities. The platform comes with a number of out-of-the-box integrations and customization features for the client to integrate with any system as per their needs. With our robust and versatile integration capabilities, we harmonize your technology ecosystem, streamlining workflows and promoting efficient data flow. As a result, productivity soars, and you deliver greater value.

Our Client Experience

CIO Insurance Company

agenci/iQ enabled me to rapidly launch a new business. The platform improved my team's efficiency in processing submissions substantially. With agenci/iQ, I've been able to scale smoothly while delivering greater value.

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